Located in Boulder, Colorado, Berkshire Capital Partners, LLC, is a financial advisory company specializing in federal and state tax issues. Employing former IRS agents, enrolled agents, certified public accountants, and attorneys, Berkshire Capital Partners pools resources to assist clients with tax matters.

Berkshire Capital Partners can help new companies get started. By adjusting the tax status of a business, Berkshire Capital Partners can save the new firm money. For sensitive matters, the company’s staff understands the system and can effectively interact with taxing authorities. The tax resolution firm also assists companies with audit preparation. Providing tax planning, financial consulting, and tax preparation, the firm understands IRS procedures and strives to keep clients in good standing with state and federal governments.

For individuals, Berkshire Capital Partners can help reverse and resolve levies on Social Security benefits, wages, bank accounts, and disability payments. Providing timely and appropriate action, Berkshire Capital Partners’ team understands and follows a step-by-step process to alleviate the levies.

If a client cannot afford his or her tax debts, penalties, or interest, Berkshire Capital Partners’ staff strives to reduce the total amount owed or to develop a monthly payment plan. The firm’s enrolled agents create a proposed plan based on several factors, such as current and projected cash flow and net income.

Founded in 1998, Berkshire Capital Partners has earned and maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Berkshire Capital Partners is also affiliated with Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., National Association of Tax Professionals, National Association of Enrolled Agents, and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.